Who is Grace Independent?

Grace Independent World Christian Church offers an open communion, service and support to all in need. Grace Independent follows the theology of Christian Pacifism and is engaged in active social change. This is reflected in the use of the Book of Common Rite as the source for our services. Care has been taken not to include any forms or text that contains words, phrases, or intent that is contradictory to Christ's command to "love they neighbor as thyself." We believe that what we take in with our eyes, ears, mouth, and senses shapes and influences our ability to reconcile ourselves to God and to serve all Creation according to His will.

Love and Words

What do you do if the street moves?

January 10, 2011
This flu keeps coming and going in waves, it is just, nastiness. Everyone I know who has gotten sick, gets a little better and then sick again, we all seem to be favoring soups from the same place. Now the poor staff is sick as well.

This means all of our conversations of late have been freed of the …

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Being There - Gabrielle Giffords and the Danger of Rhetoric

January 9, 2011
(this post is a reprint of today's homily, Being There, on Grace Independent, you can listen to it at http://blogtalkradio.com/grace-independent at 9am EST or download the podcast later)

Today, our prayers are with US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, as she struggles for recovery after having been s…

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The Industry of Poverty

January 8, 2011
The Mad Kitten is a chunky little hefty hefty kitten. You have to understand that she is virtually pocket sized. I forget how small she is until I am around someone else's cat and then it hits home. She is chunky, what in the 70s would be called "husky" but not fat. For whatever reason she is a soli…

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The Order of Christ Existent

The Order of Christ Existent consists of ministers and laity who have chosen to take vows of service and commitment to their communities. The designation OCE confers on the person a public responsibility to to provide service, comfort and companionship regardless of faith, lifestyle, gender, age or race to all in need.

Every member of the OCE has identified their areas of calling and is active in those areas, inspired by Christ, directed by the Holy Spirit but governed by respect for the rights of each person for their individual beliefs, spiritual development and life.

No member of the OCE is permitted to evangelize as a condition of someone receiving their assistance.

Persons who have chosen to take the vows of inclusion in the OCE are also required to contribute documentation of their efforts to provide for a growing library of understanding of the nature and issues facing the human race and how best to increase the quality of life for all. Members of the OCE have also committed to an active path of spiritual development in their own lives.

Would you like to join the OCE? Contact us at graceIWCC@gmail.com to begin a dialogue with the Senior Pastor.